Save 15% on worldwide trips*

What’s the best deal on Black Friday? You don’t always need the best newest appliance, TV or trending gadget. Might we suggest you shop for experiences that will take up space in your memory (and photo storage)? Discover wonder and perhaps more of yourself with travel in 2023.

Trafalgar’s Black Friday Travel Sale includes iconic places and savings of 15%* on the most popular itineraries. Pick from the most in-demand destinations like Italy, Spain, Portugal, or Egypt and give yourself the gift of exploration with limited-time Black Friday savings.

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Italy Bellissimo

11 Days | 2 Countries | 11 Cities

If toasting epic Tuscan sunsets, soaking up the sun-kissed sophistication of Italy’s most popular cities and olive oil tasting in a real Italian Borgo with new friends sounds like your idea of perfection, this is one of those bellissimo Italy trips that would seduce even the sirens of Capri.

Highlights of Spain and Portugal

13 Days | 2 Countries | 14 Cities

A round-trip featuring all the highlights of Spain and Portugal. Spend time in the pilgrimage center of Fátima, join a family on their stud farm in the Alentejo and explore the icons left behind by Catholic kings and Moorish sultans.

Imperial Europe

10 Days | 5 Countries | 8 Cities

The towering spires of Imperial Europe may seem to touch the sky, but you’ll want to keep your feet on the ground so you don’t miss any of the many travel highlights and heart-warming surprises delivered on your visits to Prague, Salzburg, Budapest and Vienna.

Wonders of Ancient Egypt

12 Days | 1 Country | 8 Cities

The enduring buzz of Cairo's bustling city streets and imposing Great Pyramids of Giza launch your discovery of Ancient Egypt. Cruise down the Nile to Kom-Ombo, past Luxor, and explore the Valley of the Kings.